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        KNOW ME

The essence of my work is to support you to become confident and courageous.

For over a decade I have been coaching people who are ready to find their voice and get clear about their

purpose so that they can stand up, speak their truth and be seen as their authentic selves.

I guide you to gain a deeper understanding of what is in your way while creating a safe reflective space to move forward with profound heartfelt purpose.

I have over 20 years of frontline and leadership experience within the social service sector. 

I embody and lead with the importance of language, resilience, self-care, and with a mission to dismantle beliefs that no longer serve. 

I have been told that one of my biggest strengths is the ability to create order out of chaos

 by getting to the root issue and making sense of the big picture, truly connecting to the people I serve.

 I am an Accredited Professional Coach (PCC) with both ICF and the CCF. I hold a Certificate of Organizational Coaching (COC) from the University of BC alongside numerous certifications in multiple modalities, including NLP|LOA and the Connection Practice.